AK-47 Wall Art Prints

AK-47 Wall Art Prints

AK-47 Wall Art Prints

AK-47 Wall Art Prints

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Wall Art Prints

Bran has brought his real-life sculptures to life with these ultra-high-resolution art prints. Printed to the highest quality standard on archival paper, the colours are vibrant, and the AK-47 is almost 3D-like.

These prints arrive in protective packaging along with a personal note written by Bran, welcoming you to the Battle Boutique Club, being a holder of one of these prints enables you VIP access to all art shows/events and early access to future art drops plus concessions and more.

Each print is signed and embossed with Bran’s stamp of authenticity, his famous skull logo with butterfly eyes. Some prints are part of a 100 Edition whilst others are part of a 10 Edition worldwide. Once these prints are gone, they’re gone!

Bran also offers people to choose what edition number they would like for their print, depending on availability. Once you have made your art print order, simply email the team at: info@battleboutique.co and let them know the edition numbers you desire for your prints, and they will reserve them for you.

These prints look impressive on any wall in any environment, from office walls to hallways in your home, add something different to your art collection which will stop the visitors and ignite conversation!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Battle Boutique Club

The most expensive AK-47 in the world - available at Hofa Gallery. London


24K Gold Deactivated Draco - short barrelled AK47 (captured from conflict zone), real butterflies + symbolic filled bullets. Each bullet is filled with precious stones.


1. Platinum
2. Pearls
3. Ruby’s
4. Diamonds
5. Emeralds
6. Gold
7. Sapphires
8. Silver

Available at >> thehouseoffineart.com/bran-symondson

44 x 80 x 30 cm

Bullets filled with real precious stones, 'Brutal to Beautiful' raises the question “what price do we put on human life?” with expensive materials and exquisite, delicate butterflies masking this weapon of destruction his work looks at the juxtaposition of the brutality of war against the fragility of life and nature.