Explosive Grenade Collection by Bran Symondson 

In a remarkable display of creativity, Bran has repurposed a destructive weapon - the hand grenade - and turned it into a unique piece of art. With painstaking precision, Bran has adorned the grenade with cut-out American dollar bills, creating a collage that covers the entire surface. To add a touch of delicate beauty, a real butterfly rests on top of the grenade, near the pin.

On one side of the grenade, Bran has spelt out either 'NO LOVE' or 'NO ONE' using the letters cut from the dollar bills. This artwork is a powerful commentary on the fragility of life and how it is at the mercy of unpredictable weapons like the grenade. By placing a butterfly on top of the grenade, Bran has effectively highlighted the contrast between the beauty of nature and the destructive nature of man-made tools.

About the Grenade Sculptures: 

This exclusive unique artwork is fixed onto an acrylic base (available in matt black and matt white) and placed in a removable clear acrylic display case. 

On the back side of the base is Bran's gold-plated insignia dated and embossed with a stamp of authenticity. 

Art piece measurement (in the display case) : 140mm x 200mm x 140mm

Weight: 1kg

Medium: Hand-grenade Cast & Real Butterfly 


About the Grenade Prints: 

Printed on archival paper, the prints are crystal clear in clarity and vibrant in colour.Signed and embossed by the artist 


Shipping and Product Details:

We take great care in packaging all of our art prints to ensure they are not damaged during transit. However, accidents can happen due to environmental conditions. If your print arrives damaged, please send it back to the original address for a full refund or replacement. For more information, please contact Chloe, our studio logistics manager, at chloe.battleboutique@gmail.com.

When you place an order with us, we use the Royal Mail Tracked and Signed courier service. You will receive a tracking number that allows you to track your shipment online and be prepared for its arrival. If you have not received your print within 30 days, please contact our team immediately, and they will help track it down.

We take quality control seriously. Each print is personally signed and checked by Bran, who ensures the paper and printing quality. We use a special archival paper that is durable, acid-free, and intended to last a lifetime. Before leaving the studio, each print is checked by Bran, which can sometimes cause a slight delay in shipment, however it's a matter of days and worth the wait!

Your print will arrive in a sturdy postal tube made from 65gsm spiral wound board with a plastic end cap, perfect for transit.

If you would like to place a bulk order of more than five prints, please contact chloe.battleboutique@gmail.com, and we can provide solutions for your order.