Explosive Grenade Collection by Bran Symondson 

Bran takes this destructive weapon, the hang grenade and transforms it into unique art. 

Meticulously, Bran has cut out American dollar bills and thoughtfully collaged the grenade, completely covering the surface. On top, by the pin, Bran places a real butterfly resting over the grenade.

On the side of the grenade, Bran has spelt the word 'NO LOVE' or 'NO ONE' using the letters cut out from the dollar bills. 

The butterfly represents the fragility of life, and how its faith is in the hands of slippery weapons such as the grenade, symbolic of the unpredictability of life. 

On the flip side, these pieces also explore the juxtaposition between nature and man-made destructive tools. 

About the Grenade Sculptures: 

This exclusive unique artwork is fixed onto an acrylic base (available in matt black and matt white) and placed in a removable clear acrylic display case. 

On the back side of the base is Bran's gold-plated insignia dated and embossed with a stamp of authenticity. 

Art piece measurement (in display case) : 140mm x 200mm x 140mm

Weight: 1kg

Medium: Hand-grenade Cast & Real Butterfly 

About the Grenade Prints: 

Printed on archival paper, the prints are crystal clear in clarity and vibrant in colour.

Signed and embossed by the artist