Playboy Collection

After being approached by Latin Playboy Magazine, Bran got inspired to create new artworks and stage a photographic shoot combining war and feminism. 

An article written by the NY times described the relationship between Playboy magazine and the Vietnam war. 

"The Playboy magazine itself played a big role during the war, In fact, it’s hard to overstate how profound a role Playboy played among the millions of American soldiers and civilians stationed in Vietnam throughout the war: as entertainment, yes, but more important as news and, through its extensive letters section, as a sounding board and confessional.

Playboy’s value extended beyond the individual soldier to the military at large; the publication became a coveted and useful morale booster, at times rivalling even the longed-for letter from home. Playboy branded the war because of its unique combination of women, gadgets, and social and political commentary, making it a surprising legacy of our involvement in Vietnam. By 1967, Ward Just of The Washington Post claimed, “If World War II was a war of Stars and Stripes and Betty Grable, the war in Vietnam is Playboy magazine’s war.”


This article and history inspired Bran to re-create the famous 1971 cover of 'Darine Stern' - The first ever black woman on the front cover of Playboy magazine. 


Original PB Mag


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