Unique 'Spoils of War' Draco AK-47 - EXCLUSIVE | S BAR Las Vegas

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Spoils of War - 1 of 1 Unique AK-47 wrapped in real American dollar bills, with laser-cut magazine revealing hand-made glass bullets containing the following symbolic fillings. AK-47 is presented in a clear display case. 

 Bullet Fillings:







7)Poppy Seeds


Artist: Bran Symondson

Medium: AK-47 covered in real American dollar bills

Size: 33” x 12” x 7”

Edition: Unique 1 of 1

Display: Mounted on a black acrylic base with a clear display protective cover



S Bar is currently showcasing the work of Bran Symondson, a world-renowned artist whose unique and timeless artwork is being exhibited throughout the venue. These pieces have been exclusively created for the clients of S Bar. Bran's idea to use the AK-47 as his blank canvas came from his time spent in the military with the British Army, since 2011 his art pieces have gained worldwide popularity and are owned by rockstars as well as royalty. The last sell out solo exhibition of the artist, titled "The Art to Disarm", was a huge success in Mayfair, London. All pieces ever created by Bran are unique, making each one a one-of-a-kind creation. Due to the popularity of his work, there is now a waiting list for AK-47 commissions, however, we are proud to announce that S Bar has been privileged to acquire five exclusive AK-47 sculptures as part of his debut viewing here on Vegas soil.

One of the main themes of Bran's work is the environment. His butterfly sculptures represent Mother Nature taking over man-made tools. Bran strips down the most destructive weapon, giving it a new identity and allowing nature to win. Inside the laser-cut magazine, you can see glass bullets that contain commodities that wars are fought over such as land, diamonds, money, and oil. Bran uses this medium to shed light on the destruction caused by war and conflict, and he quotes, "It's always the environment that suffers the most."

Apart from the five sculptures, there is also a unique grenade sculpture and a stormtrooper helmet. These sculpture pieces are all unique and with the artist's gold plate stamp of authenticity.

Our collection also includes an original portrait of Frank Sinatra from Terry O'niell's last collaboration with Bran, titled "Hollywood Reloaded".