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PINK DIE 4 U - Single Prints - 1/100 

“There is no love without sacrifice”

The last edition of the 6 series ‘DIE 4 U’ PINK - LOVE

These unique limited edition prints look alive, adding a layer to a wall - the eye-catching DIE 4 U love heart sweet creates a nostalgic sense of reality between then and now & love and death. Taken from the larger AK47 bullet drowned DIE 4 U print, these single extracts can be placed together with their family of colours or on their own.  

- Dimensions: 36 x 36 cm

- Printed on archival paper

- Stamped with artist stamp of authenticity 

Signed by the artist, with only 100 available worldwide, contact us today to reserve your special number. 

Bran Symondson Famous DIE 4 U Wall Art Prints