'DIE 4 U' Green Submerged Sculpture

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'Die 4 U' Submerged Sculpture 

The sculpture "DIE 4 U" poses a thought-provoking question about the extent to which someone is willing to sacrifice for something.

Across history, historical figures, leaders, scholars and soldiers have put their lives on the line for several reasons, such as love, religion, freedom, camaraderie, and even the environment. The DIE 4 U collection by Bran aims to stimulate conversations about what is genuinely significant to humanity. Are we so consumed by our feelings and the modern daily routine that we overlook the fundamentals? It is evident that stepping out of our comfort zones and taking up the cause of our planet and each other is now more vital than ever before.


Hand-made in London, resin love heart sweet submerged in real AK-47 7.62 x 39mm bullets, kept together in its formation by six real AK-47 magazines. 

This piece is truly unique, created by Bran in his studio, it weighs approximately 6kg, and with a secure back attachment, it is ready to be hung anywhere. 

There are only 15x editions available worldwide. 

DIE 4 U - Originating from 'Lost Innocence' AK-47 Sculpture. 

Bran created the 'Lost Innocence' AK-47 art piece in 2015 after he returned from Sierra Leone. The messages on the love heart sweets are taken from extracts from when he interviewed the child soldiers in Sierra Leone. Asking them what they were doing, why they were there, and whom would they die for. There were roughly 10,000-14,000 children who fought between 1991 and 2002 in the Sierra Leone Civil War. Nearly half of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) & government armed forces consisted of children aged 8–14 and the AK-47 was the prominent weapon of choice. Bran photographed them and at the time he had nothing to give them but these love heart sweets he happened to have in his pocket. The 'Love Heart' Collection portrays the contrast between real words and the loss of innocence, these young soldiers were robbed of their childhood and forced to fight a war they didn't choose to fight. 

This AK-47 is covered in love heart sweets made from resin, and hundreds and thousands of sprinkles embellish the weapon. 

Religion, Revolution, Peace, and Freedom - This is what the DIE 4 U collection stands for. 

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