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DIE 4 U - Single Prints - 1/100 - YELLOW

The fifth DIE 4 U part of the six series: Yellow = 'LIBERTY'

Liberty is something people have been dying for since the dawn of time, from slavery to tyranny, to fight for the right to be free within society from physical and oppressive restraint,
I think there is a massive irony that a well-regarded symbol of Liberty is the Statue of Liberty given to the US by the French for many to symbolise that democracy would prevail and that justice and freedom for all would be attained, that was in 1885,
Sad to recognise that still to this day the appalling civil rights situation in the US has not improved and many still give their lives in the fight for Liberty, with everything going on in the world right now constantly creating constraints on our freedom of movement and the great “reset” we hear of, I think we have to continually assess whether we truly feel we have Liberty or is our so-called freedom a well-disguised tyranny.

In the DIE 4 U series I looked at my own experiences and how far would you go for the love of someone or something, your beliefs and values whether it be unconditional love, freedom of speech, Liberty or camaraderie you experience in the military or with close friends. asking the voyeur would you pay the ultimate sacrifice and die for what you believe in.

These unique limited edition prints look alive, adding a layer to a wall - the eye-catching DIE 4 U love heart sweet creates a nostalgic sense of reality between then and now & love and death. Taken from the larger AK47 bullet drowned DIE 4 U print, these single extracts can be placed together with their family of colours or on their own.  

- Dimensions: 36 x 36 cm

- Printed on archival paper

- Stamped with artist stamp of authenticity 

Signed by the artist, with only 100 available worldwide, contact us today to reserve your special number. 

Bran Symondson Famous DIE 4 U Wall Art Prints