Playboy Double Ak-47 | Bran Symondson

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Bran has used two decommissioned AK-47s mounted on a white background - the left AK-47 is adorned with real blue and yellow butterflies, then Bran printed the famous '70s and' 80s Playboy centre pages on glossy paper, created origami butterflies, and placed them among the real butterflies.

The AK-47 on the right side has been completely painted with the blackest paint, which is called Black 3.0, also embellished with black butterflies, Bran wanted to create a sense of opposition.
As for the Skull artwork attached to the black AK-47, Bran recreated the Playboy logo using a real rabbit skull.

Inside the transparent glass bullets in the AK-47 magazine, the bullets are filled with symbolic gemstones that denote the narrative of the artwork:

Bran Symondson AK-47 Playboy

Bullet Fillings:

Blue Tanzanite: Represents transformation.
Red Garnet: A spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment, representing the sexual revolution.
Green Peridot: Known as a stone of compassion, balancing the emotions and the mind.
Citrine Amber: A stone of abundance and manifestation that attracts wealth and prosperity.
Amethyst - Purple: To rid the mind of negative thoughts and bring humility and sincerity.
Ruby - Red: This stone represents Passion.
Pink Sapphires: This stone represents beauty, wisdom, and purity

The Playboy logo and the AK-47 are instantly recognizable. These iconic emblems evoke emotions of change and revolution.

- Edition of 10x prints available worldwide 

- Signed and embossed by the artist