Grenade Sculpture with Phoebis Philea - 'ON ONE'

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Edition: 1 of 15 Worldwide 

This exclusive unique artwork is fixed onto an acrylic base (available in matt black and matt white) and placed in a removable clear acrylic display case. 

On the back side of the base is Bran's gold-plated insignia dated and embossed with a stamp of authenticity. 

Art piece measurement (in display case) : 140mm x 200mm x 140mm

Weight: 1kg

Medium: Hand-grenade Metal Cast &  Butterfly 

Please Note* 

*Every single grenade art piece is completely unique, butterfly species and dollar placement vary on each grenade, Bran creates a bespoke grenade piece for each buyer and may not look completely the same as the image. 

*Shipping costs depend on shipping location, this will be organised by the studio team with the relevant country where the grenade is being shipped to and the purchaser will receive further information regarding the shipping quote. 

Currently not shipping to the USA due to customs regulations. Kindly email us for further information regarding available artworks in USA galleries.

The replica-made grenade is a metal cast hollow inside.