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DIE 4 U - Single Prints - 1/100 - GREEN

Green represents "Brotherhood" 

A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him.
Brotherhood and camaraderie are imperative within the military earning the trust and respect of your comrades and knowing that you have each other’s six can be the difference between life and death, that is the testament in a band of brothers.
Ask any ex-servicemen, he will say its the brotherhood that brought him honour, not fighting for his country.

In these 'DIE 4 U' series I looked at my own experiences and how far would I go for the love of someone or something, perhaps your beliefs and values, whether it be unconditional love, freedom of speech, liberty or camaraderie you experience in the military, this piece asks the voyeur 'would you pay the ultimate sacrifice and die for what you believe in?'


These unique limited edition prints look alive, adding a layer to a wall - the eye-catching DIE 4 U love heart sweet creates a nostalgic sense of reality between then and now & love and death. Taken from the larger AK47 bullet drowned DIE 4 U print, these single extracts can be placed together with their family of colours or on their own.  

- Dimensions: 36 x 36 cm

- Printed on archival paper

- Stamped with artist stamp of authenticity 

Signed by the artist, with only 100 available worldwide, contact us today to reserve your special number. 


Bran Symondson Famous DIE 4 U Wall Art Prints