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In all of Bran's AK-47 sculptures, you will find beautiful hand-made glass bullets filled with symbolic contents which complete the narrative of each piece. When Bran gets requests to create private commissions, the bullets would then reflect the owner of that piece. 

After getting hundreds of requests to create bespoke bullets only, the anticipation is over as Bran is now offering beautiful hand-crafted glass bullets filled with symbolic contents that mean something to you, from diamonds to sand from your favourite beach. Anything is possible as long as it fits within the 7mm space inside the glass bullet. 

The original brass bullets can also be engraved with up to 20 characters. 

In a set, you will receive seven bullets.

Because of the high demand, there is currently a three-month waiting list for custom bullets. If you would like to reserve a set of bullets please email the studio at: - in the email please provide the following information. 

1) Details of fillings for the bullets 

2) Short description of narrative or meaning behind the fillings (optional)

The studio team will pick up the emails and discuss each individual bespoke bullet art piece with Bran, then you will receive an email with a quote depending on the bullet fillings. 

Watch out for next year as Bran is releasing his official necklace range! Coming Soon 2023