'Cuerno de chivo' Draco Print

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Print of unique art-piece 'Cuerno de chivo' Draco

Taken from the original AK47 ‘Cuerno De Chivo’ Sculpture by Bran Symondson, this print is edition of 100.

The Monarch Butterfly, in Latin known as Danaus Plexippus are embellished on the original art piece which date back from 1956. 

The Monarch butterfly which is highly regarded in Mexico famously migrates down the west coast of America returning to the same parts of Mexico every year, over a 3000 mile journey!
Centuries ago the Maya people used to believe they were returning souls from the dead. 

Bullet fillings :

1. Milk weed seeds : the only plant the Monarch feeds on and is now in decline because of the use of pesticides.
2. Razor blade : symbolic of slicing through society & used to chop out lines of coke.
3. Champagne & stars : champagne supernova & the life style / ego doing the coke creates.
4. Blood : symbolic of all the blood spilt over this drug.
5. Copal : tree sap burned on the day of the dead celebrations in Mexico.
6. Pesos & Dollars : intwined symbolic of the money made from the drug industry & the corruption it creates.
7. Cocaine
8. Tree bark : represents the damage the cocaine process has on the environment when the acid is flushed into the local rivers.

Edition : 1 of 100

Signed by Artist & embossed with artist stamp of authenticity

Paper size: 70 cm long x 36 cm wide

Printed on archival paper - limited edition print

Unframed - Life size AK47 Draco