Beat of a Wing Draco Sculpture

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Inspired by the artist's utopian vision or fantasy, that even while the world is being slowly engulfed by man’s greed, always disguised as need, the butterfly's wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere, ultimately perhaps altering the path of the planet’s condition, returning it back to an earlier prelapsarian state when man held such destructive and ravenous impulses in check and Mother Nature was left to her own devices. The butterflies become active agents of this vision, taking hold of the AK-47 rather than simply alighting on it, their complete life process enacted on the bayonet as a declaration of the life force of Mother Nature itself. They become a statement of beauty and potency, in the face of something that
Bran Symondson portrays destruction, their numbers engulfing the AK-47 and also hinting at latent aggression and the true power of Mother Nature should it ever be fully unleashed. The work elicits a dialogue between what initially seems like quite simple oppositions, delicate wings and harsh metal, vulnerability and strength, beauty and death, nature and man, but what initially seems straightforward unravels into something more complicated. 


Bullet  fillings,  each  representing  elements  of  the  man-made  world:

•1) coal(fossil  fuel)
•2) dried fish(damage  to  the  oceans)
•3) pesticide(destroying  natural  habitats)
•4) sugar  (global  over  farming)
•5) sawdust  (rain  forest  deforestation)
•6) oil  (ozone,  cars,  harmful  gases,  pollution)
•7) fertiliser(destroying  the  natural  balance  through over-farming)
•8) man  (the  one  that  is  responsible, greed,  disguised  as  need)
•9) your  name  (a  real  brass  blank  round,  the bullet  that  has  your  name  on  it)