1971 | Bran Symondson

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Collaboration with Latin Playboy. Bran staged a photographic shoot which is based on the original Playboy cover which featured the first-ever black woman ‘Darine Stern’ on the cover of the 1971 edition and the narrative is based on the involvement Playboy had during the Vietnam war.

Bran re-created the Playboy chair which was first featured in the 1971 Playboy edition. 

Bran Symondson

Bran dedicates his version of this print to female empowerment and femineity through history.

The model holds the same gold-plated AK-47 which was captured during the conflict in Iraq. The chair was handmade to mirror the same original Playboy chair in the 1971 edition.

- Edition of 10x prints available worldwide 

- Signed and embossed by the artist