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Limited Edition 1 of 100 Print 

A beautiful gold AK47 embellished with real butterflies, this piece is truly unique and exceptional. Whether you keep this print on the wall in your office or home, it will capture anyone who walks into that room. 

Taken from the acclaimed original art piece 'Brutal of Beautiful' which is currently available at Hofa Gallery. This piece has featured in many publications globally. 


About the piece: 

'Brutal to Beautiful'  raises the question “what price do we put on human life?” with expensive materials and exquisite, delicate butterflies masking this weapon of destruction his work looks at the juxtaposition of the brutality of war against the fragility of life and nature.

This gold-plated decommissioned gun also has a full clip of 7.62 AK-47 rounds with eight clear bullets. Each bullet includes a different rare and valuable filling and each one symbolizes a message pertaining to the weapon and the journey this gun has been on, a sheet of platinum, pearls, red ruby’s and real carat diamonds.


About the original art piece:

360 degrees Sculpture Available at Hofa Gallery

24K Gold Deactivated Draco short barrelled AK47
Real Butterflies
Bullets Filled with Real Precious Stones 

Resulting in one of the most expensive AK47s in the world. Created from a very rare customised, short-barrelled, gold-plated AK47, obtained in Iraq and still bearing the bullet hole that killed the original owner this imposing symbolic piece is encased in a handmade, toughened glass cabinet.
This enchanting piece sits on a black marble platform. 

44 x 80 x 30 cm
17 3/8 x 31 1/2 x 11 3/4 in
Please get in touch with our team or contact Hofa for more information regarding the original sculpture.

Gold AK47 'Brutal to Beautiful' by Bran Symondson